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PCB Layout


pcb layoutMicro Technic have a design department who can do PCB layouts for PCB manufaturing. We are providing PCB layouts for customer as well as our own standard products.

We have an extensive knowledge in PCB layout in PADS, however, we are also able to import designs from other applications such as OrCAD, Eagle Projects, etc (eg. thru net list files).

Our PCB lay-put solutions take production feasibility considerations into account from their inception as they are typically created in close cooperation between design engineers and our PTA department. This one-stop-shop approach unifies and utilizes all the competencies required to ensure the functionality of the product whilst simultaneously meeting production cost and quality objectives. A full-service EMS partner, Micro Technic is often involved in customer projects from conceptual idea to large-scale production.
Irrespective of the development stage a project is in, we are able to guide it to the following phase(s) and dedicate exactly those of our competencies specifically needed for successful completion.


Besides getting the benefits from our "design-for-Manufacturing"-capability, you would not need to worry about the following common issues in PCB designs

article ul  Missing Fiducial marking
article ul  Solder masks and pad sizes
article ul  Reduction required on stencil printing
article ul  Choice of solder technology (hot-air levelling, etc) 
article ul  Layout and design according to the EMC standards


At Micro Technic, we provide a competent team of engineers, who can take your project from shematics design to a fully assembled PCB / product in mass production - Everything done under ONE roof!

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