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IP Rights, custom design electronics


For any product developed under Micro Technic Design engineering service, all IP rights will belong to the Customer. This means that Micro Technic AS can not manufacture, market or sell the originally specified product to others than the client. Furthermore the customer owns all the production rights for the product. Micro Technic will supply each customer with a complete set of documentation, which should enable the customer to have the bespoke product manufactured by themselves.
In some cases, where there the specifications for a product are similar to a product Micro Technic AS might have an interest in marketing and producing, the customer is offered a Joint Development Agreement.
The resulting product which includes the specific features required by the customer, the developing costs for these features will be paid by the customer. Whereas the variant product having altered features or functionality, is more general, Micro Technic share the development costs. The final third which includes the costs for modification of features or functionality of the variant requested by Micro Technic, will be paid by Micro Technic.


You can read more about our Joint-Development Service here

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