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Micro Technic expands production facilities by 70%

In the light of the recent growth in both revenue and customers for the past 2-3 years, we are pleased to announce that we on January 1st 2013 increased our production area by 70%.
A larger completion of customers' products (box-builld) and consignment stock solutions (VMI) to several customers, are some of the secrets behind the success of our company. Managing Director Finn Laursen Max says that the expansion will provide more space for special box-build projects (assembly of fully integrated electronic systems) and larger customer projects:
"Customers need for further refinement of their products means that we are now at the total logistics partner with responsability of the total assembly of our customers' products. Being a full service supplier of electronics requires both larger physical environment and a financially sound business. Customers require not only competitive prices, but also a strong economy from its supplier, as the sub-supplier's ability to meet customers demands becomes business critical. We expect this trend to continue, so that we can continue to ensure our ability to deliver products of exceptional quality and to support our new and loyal customers with the best possible conditions for their electronics manufacturing".
While carpenters and other construction people is working on getting the building interior to meet our high demands for our production facility, we are  internally working on several fronts to ensure, that Micro Technic, when the expansion is completed, can present a top class factory and facilities for the production of electronics for the company's loyal - and hopefully many new - customers.


"Today we are in close dialogue with several new Danish and international customers, which we expect to welcome in the coming months. Our sales department is very busy in handling a lot of inquiries presently", says Finn Max Laursen and continues: "It is an exciting process that gives a boost to everyone in and around the company - and a unique opportunity to optimize all processes now that we have the extra space to adapt ourselves to".


Product Manager, Frank Max Laursen, adds: "Customers have the right to impose high expectations upon us. We can offer a quite unique combination of   design engineering for the development of high-quality products to manufacturing in mass volume, whethers its being assembly of PCBs or complete integrated electronic systemes. And though many products are complicated, we always strive for simplicity in everything we do. Keep it Simple is paramount in any aspect of our business"

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