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Electronics Manufacturing EMS

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Micro Technic AS is a Danish supplier of all types of electronics manufacturing services (EMS). We thrive every day to provide the best EMS service, focusing on three major elements:


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Succeding on all of these three elements is critical for our loyal customers and the foundation to our business.


Out-sourcing and flexibility.
Manufacturing of electronics have moved this highly specialized part of the production to many specialised vendors for a number reason. Firstly, manufacturing electronics require a special expertise and equipment that is difficult to maintain in the rapid development of this high tech field. Secondly it requires a certain volume of production to keep manufacturing price and materials costs competitive. Thirdly, succesful companies often focuses on their core business, out-sourcing of their electronics productions provides them flexibility and competitivity.


Our EMS Services


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We are a competent partner in all phases of the product life circle.


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Prototype Service

Who can wait for the prototype of the company's new "golden egg" ?


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Mechanics assembly and packaging of your product - suited your time shedule and budget!

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Vendor Managed inventory

Evade financing of your inventory: Let us consign your stock of boards and products. Click here to learn more about our VMI concept.

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Design Engineering

Innovative design and cost-efficient production goes hand in hand, when our design team is creating new solutions for our customers.

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Contact us

If you have questions or inquiries, we are here to help you:


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Online shop - Here you can find all our boards and systems - and order them by your credit card!


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