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Prototype assembly service



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Who can wait for the company's new prototype? - We can deliver yours within 8 hours!

If you want to get an estimate of what the cost of your next prototype will be, you can press the prototype logo and fill in our online form. 


Time to market - time is crucial

Quick and flexible prototype production means you can get your product to market faster.
Micro Technic have a special team dedicated to prototype assembly. Our prototype department quickly develops prototypes for your product based on your specification of requirements. Prototype planning and purchasing are managed with direct contact between our project leaders and your personnel. The prototype is then produced by hand or machine, depending on the type of product. By maintaining a close dialogue with you we can quickly make modifications and adjustments in order to find the superior solution.
To accompany the finished prototype we provide a detailed DFM-report, that gives you an excellent basis for making decisions about further development. The report provides inputs on manufacturebility, component choices (e.g. single source and liability issues) and possible design improvements to lower manufacturing costs or improving the product quality. We can also develop prototypes for products that have already been developed, or mature products that need further development and improvement. Please contact our prototype department, and we will tell you more about what we can do for you.

Design for Manufacturing
Our know-how within Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and electronics assembly in conjunction with the need for short delivery time on prototypes has become an even more critical factor than ever before. At Micro Technic, we have integrated a prototype assembly service within our normal electronics assembly, which provides every customer with the right mix of price, flexibility and lead time on the forthcoming prototype.
Hardware Design & Development

If you need assistance early in the development process, then Micro Technic also offers product development and DFM (Design for manufacturing) from our team og design engineers and production specialists, who has extensive experience in microprocessor and embedded technology and power electronics. Read more here.



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