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Box-build / Assembly


Let us build and box your product  - Micro Technic offers a complete logistics solution for your company


Electronics assembly may well be sufficient for many costumers, but more and more customers are looking to have a complete solution including mechanic assembly, software installation and supplied in their own packaging material.


Micro Technic can offer a "one-stop-shop" solution for complete electronic devices.
Micro Technic has a dedicated production line that offers assembly of complete devices, apperatus or systems. From the Bill of Material (BOM) and drawings, we assemble the electronics and mechanics according to the customers instructions. We are also able to program or pre-install software in the devices. Our box-build service aim to meet any customers expectations in terms of quality and reliability. Micro Technic controls the entire process from procurement of mechanical parts with their own (or client) vendors to coordinate all logistics for bulding the customer's product at the right time, price and quality.
In short, we are the customer's production - and logistics partner to ensure that the customer gets his product when he needs it.

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